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Washington Whiskey Festival | Walla Walla, Tri-Cities & Spokane

Greetings Whiskey Fest Partners

Well…my best laid plans for bringing to E WA will have to wait until Oct 2024. Due to circumstances outside of my control my window of time to prepare, promote and produce a high quality whiskey festival has been finally closed. Sadly, our federal government/IRS has been unable to process nor communicate the status regarding my 501c3 application in the last 240 days – when 180 days is their standard maximum amount of time stated for a response. After another 45 days in their “urgent attention status” category, they have now (after 5 phone calls) said “if you don’t hear back by Oct 1st, please contact us.”

How exasperating this has been as on my 3rd call, one customer service representative has the audacity to tell me “COVID” was to blame for the delay. Heaven help us and the US Government!!!

I will announce new 2024 dates once the application has been approved and event locales can confirm availability. Despite this huge disappointment, I am dedicated and determined to rise and shine in 2024! Thank you for your support and understanding.

Any fees/deposits will be fully refunded.

Christopher Chan
Certified Whiskey Professional

An educational tasting in responsible moderation!

Try a Whiskey and Buy a Whiskey. Proceeds benefit Washington Wine the state’s only wine industry employee membership education and networking group to help further engage, educate, elevate and strive for excellence in the wine/alcohol industry.

A walk-around sip and sample tasting of the finest bourbons, whiskies, cognacs and blends with Chef inspired food pairings to savor and explore!

Taste an outstanding selection of whiskies and even a variety of craft spirits ranging from the all American Kentucky Bourbons to Canadian, French, Irish, Scotland, Tennessee Whisky’s and More.

Walla Walla Whiskey Fest

2024 Dates TBA

Tri-Cities Whiskey Fest

2024 Dates TBA

Spokane Whiskey Fest

2024 Dates TBA

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